Hello! How's Today? Going Great? Good! Enjoy!

So, for this beautiful website, you know that there is now going to be something new. There usually is, so yay! Alright now, for this one, I am going to give yoou a video of how to do embed a hosted-service video into a website. Sounds like fun, so let's give this thing a shot. Before we do that, though, know this: I am extremely rubbish at making anything exicting, but again, we're gonna give this a good shot. If it does not make anysense, please come talk to me, or otherwise make sure that you do well at following these instructions. Have Fun!

  1. Type in the video tag. It should look something like this:<"video">; ingnore the quotations, they really aren't in there.
  2. Next, take your video. Don't matter how long to do it.
  3. Third, you need to have your width, and height. Do not forget to put your quotation marks
  4. Fifth, optional, you may put in your controls tag, but put it in the video tag.
  5. Sixth, put in your source(s) of your video
  6. Last, put in your your end video tag. Sould be the same thing as step one, but add a slah before the word video
Link to Embeding Video into your Website