You're A Copy Cat!

Hi, everyone. Not much is gonna be different today, just some more pictures. So just that you know, I hope that you enjoy everything. Really, all we are gonna do is look at some pictures, and then I'll include a couple links, and maybe something that would be of use to you, like coffee! You never know. Anyways, let's get this party started.

Here you guys go. More images to go with your day. These are very specially crafted images made by my own computer. Do not destroy them, nor dishonour them. If you decide to destroy them, I will find you. This is one of my favorite images that I have seen. If anything, then I will keep this picture to remind you that life is full of happiness, love, and care. Also, joy, and funny. Look now upon this picture, and behold what you might be able to see next. Do you really want to know? Here we go!

What you are about to see is Penguins, Tic-Tac-Toe playing on a football field, a Dino, a Seagull, Butterfly, and a Stage presenting something. May not seem much, or even sound fun, but it'll look really nice, don't you think? Okay, maybe not that nice, but it'll still look nice enough you would want to sell it. Yeah?

There was a lot of irritations going into this thing. I hope you like it. Do not make fun of some of the images. I tried, so you try, okay? Goodbye!